About Us

NANISCO ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED is a company established and incorporated in Nigeria under the companies’ allied matters decree of 1990.It was registered in the year 2004 with registration number RC 606830.

NANISCO ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED is a fully indigenous engineering company, committed towards providing quality and competitive services to the Nigerian oil industry.

NANISCO ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED aim is to provide cost effective and superior engineering services that will satisfy all our clients’ requirements.

We have at our disposal a team of experienced Engineers, Technicians, and skilled workers drawn from various disciplines in engineering, as well as a wide variety of tools, plant and equipment to perform a wide range of engineering services to the highest quality standards.

This gives us the ability to carry out engineering projects from the conception stage through to the project design, procurement, construction/installation/erection, testing and commissioning stages, as well as post commissioning maintenance services.

In addition, we also provide

–       Consultancy services

–       Project management services

–       Contractor and/or client financed turnkey project development

–       Specialist sub contracting services

–       Construction Services.

Through our numerous foreign technical agents and suppliers we can procure and supply within the shortest possible time all types of materials, tools and equipment required for any project we are involved in.

Our solid financial base allows us to mobilize for any project immediately on award and ensures that the project is completed on schedule without any delays due to financial reasons.


To provide Total quality services (TQS) at a reasonable cost and within the shortest possible time, while sustaining a stable and expanding organization using the latest technology available world wide and competent personnel as well as helping to develop host communities.

Our strength is drawn from the team of our experienced work force from diverse fields.

Within the team are dedicated and committed engineers, technician, administrators, skilled and unskilled labours, etc.

By employing a policy of harnessing available resources, experience and technical expertise, we are able to provide quality services in the fastest possible manner with minimal impact on the environment. With in house seasoned staff we are able to render quality and quickest services to our clients.

Our clients take pride in the work we do because we do it well. And that includes everyone from supervisor to labourer carry out his or her responsibilities. What other companies consider a difficult or impossible job; we consider it a challenge. When we find challenge we find solution. Utilizing the latest specialized equipment and experience personnel we tackle all forms of difficult land and marine maintenance jobs as well as our clients’ job supervision.


To develop a team relationship with our clients and provide the most reliable, honest, well engineered solutions to problems and together achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability within business.


We will be a successful company when we make and keep our promises to:

  • Clients
  • Employees
  • Communities where we operate
  • shareholders



Nanisco Engineering Services Limited capabilities have been applied extensively over the years with extremely successful results. These include feasibility studies, designing, construction, installation, and maintenance works in the following areas:

– General design and construction

– Structural steel fabrication and installation

– Flow line construction

– Offshore/Onshore Platform construction and Installation works

– Interconnecting Piping fabrication and Installation works

– Lifting Gears and Equipment Inspection works

– International and Local Procurement

– Manpower Supply

– Project Management


Nanisco has a crop of experienced staff to match the developmental needs of the company. In the course of the recruitment of staff, priority was given to high skill and experience irrespective of cultural or ethnic background. In addition, staff routine training is an integral part of Nanisco’s curricula geared towards a better performance to meet the increasing manpower need of our projects.