Safety Policy


NANISCO ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED operates a balanced working and operational policy in conformity with statutory regulation and client’s own working policy. The company’s working policy is summarized as follows:


For better administration NANISCO ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED considers no aspect of its operations as being of greater importance than SAFETY AT WORK, it also recognizes the fact that the implementation of an effective safety and health policy requires a collective and well coordinated effort through its adopted line of responsibility – from managing to the operatives.

Our Safety, Health and Environment policy is second to none. These matters enjoy the Company’s top priority over and above other corporate considerations. Our Health, Safety, Environment and Security policy is attached.


From experience the needs of a host community can no longer be ignored. Within the limits of the company’s resources, NANISCO ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED considers meeting such needs as one reliable and effective means of managing community hostility. The company gives fair assistance to host communities in terms of:

  1. Employment (for only qualified persons)
  2. Provision or improvement for basic infrastructures and facilities
  3. Manpower, economic, social, cultural and sports/development.